Janemark Winery & Vineyard​​

Hours:  Saturday --  12:00 - 5:00 pm

By appointment only:  Friday and Sunday

                15200 Baden Naylor Road, Brandywine, MD  20613

                                          (301) 535-9126

The Vogt family was established in 1986. Janie & Mark, the husband and wife founders of Janemark Winery & Vineyard, developed a passion for wine in the early days of their marriage. Originally from Maryland, Janie and Mark moved to Napa, California a week after their wedding. Janie and Mark later moved back to Maryland to be close to family members and to start their own family. 

Mario & Muffy - Our vineyard kitties. We adopted Mario & Muffy in 2015 from Last Chance Rescue in Waldorf, Maryland. They enjoy roaming and protecting the vineyard. 

Theodore a.k.a. "Teddy"  - Sam's and Hailey’s beautiful golden retriever. Teddy is our vineyard mascot and snoopervisor. He loves to run around the vineyard and greet everyone with a smile. 

Alex - Janie & Mark’s oldest son. Alex is the accountant of the family. He earned his bachelor of science in Accounting and works for Ernst & Young in Virginia. He enjoys coming home on the weekends to enjoy life on the farm.  He is the only one who doesn’t enjoy wine. We’ll have to work on that! 

​​Sam - Janie & Mark’s youngest son. Sam is the assistant vineyard manager. Sam shares his passion for farming with his mom and loves taking part in the agricultural aspect of the business. He is passionate about growing grapes from the family’s generations-old land and is determined to make them into some of the best wines Maryland has to offer. Sam earned his bachelor of science in Marketing in hopes of one day being able to take over the winery and vineyard. 

Hailey - Sam’s fiancé and JWV’s marketing director. Sam and Hailey met in college while she attended and later graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and they moved to Charleston, South Carolina where she graduated from law school. From helping Janie choose the colors of the capsules and labels, greeting customers and sharing stories of JWV, to managing the social media accounts, Hailey enjoys working on the marketing aspect as a creative outlet.