The vineyard at 15200 Baden Naylor Road was established in 2014. It is known as Four Degrees Vineyard because the row orientation is four degrees off from it's intended layout.   

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Four Degrees Vineyard

Foxes Den Vineyard

Janemark Winery & Vineyard​​

Hours:  Saturday --  12:00 - 5:00 pm

By appointment only:  Friday and Sunday

                15200 Baden Naylor Road, Brandywine, MD  20613

                                          (301) 535-9126

Janemark Winery & Vineyard is developed on land that has been in Janie's side of the family, the Townshends, since coming to the United States of America in 1877.  When the family settled in Baden, the farm was used as a tobacco farm until 1969 and then used as a pasture for Janie's horses, then as a baseball, football, and soccer field when the boys were growing up.  The sandy loam soil is perfect for growing grapes.