​10% discount on 6 or more bottles*
15% discount on full case (12 bottles) (including mixed variety)*
*Discount does not apply to Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin


Chardonnay 2017 Reserve
100% Chardonnay
Barrel fermented and aged on the lees for 12 months in American and French oak.  Velvety on the palate with flavors of ripe pear, butter, and vanilla that intertwine in a soft, creamy finish. $25/bottle

Vidal Blanc 2016
86% Vidal Blanc, 14% Albarino
An off-dry white wine with aromas of grapefruit and pineapple with crisp flavors of melon and pears.  Made in 100% stainless steel tanks.  (Estate Grown) $20/bottle

Gewurztraminer 2016
100% Gewürztraminer
An off-dry white wine with pineapple and spice on the nose and hints of apricot, peach and cantaloupe on the palate.  It is elegantly balanced with a long finish.  Made in 100% stainless steel tanks. $22/bottle

Mean Jane 2017
100% Geisenheim
This semi-sweet wine has tantalizing acidity with passion fruit, peach, and honeydew melon on the palate and aromas of lemon and pineapple.  Made in 100% stainless steel tanks.  $20/bottle


Aviation 2016 (SOLD OUT)
66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot
On the palate, you will find dried cranberries and tart cherries followed by soft tannins and balanced structure.   Aged in French and American oak for eight months.  $28/bottle

Barbera 2017
97% Barbera, 3% Chambourcin
This is a medium-bodied red wine with aromas of black cherries and blackberries.  On the palate, it has hints of spice, earth, and layers of dried cherries.  It was aged in new French  oak barrels for 12 months.  (Estate and Maryland Grown) $28/bottle

Cabernet Franc 2017
96% Cabernet Franc, 4% Rougeon
This is a dry medium-bodied, old-world style red wine with herbs, flowers, and red fruit on the nose with raspberries and black pepper on the palate.  Aged in one year old American Oak barrels for 12 months. (100% Maryland Grown) $28/bottle

Chambourcin 2017
92% Chambourcin, 8% Cabernet Franc
A dry medium-bodied red wine with nice soft tannins with notes of cherries and blackberries.  It was aged in new American oak for 12 months.  (Estate Grown) $23/bottle

Rosie 2016
100% Chambourcin
An off-dry Rosé with notes of cherries and blackberries.  Aged for eight weeks in new French oak barrels and finished in stainless steel tanks.  A delightful wine, low in tannins and easy drinking.  One of my personal favorites!  (Estate Grown) $19/bottle

Rougeon 2016
100% Rougeon
This is a sweet red wine.  It's soft on the palate with flavors of blackberries and cherries.  Perfect for sipping with friends.  $18/bottle


Sweet Heidi 2017
100% Vidal Blanc
A delicious sweet wine with honey, peach and floral notes on the nose with honeysuckle on the palate.  This wine is made for the sweet wine lover.  Made in 100% stainless steel tanks.  A great sipping wine or pair with spicy foods or blue cheese.  (Estate Grown)  $16/bottle


1877 (2017)
100% Chambourcin
This is a ruby port with fresh, fruit-filled aromas and an equally lively palate presence. It’s perfect for the holidays and sitting by the fire on cold winter nights.  Pairs well with blue cheese, milk chocolate, and berry-based desserts.  Alc. 18.9% (Estate Grown) $25/bottle